I’m Karin Enfield-de Vries,

the face and force behind Pure Transformations. To help you decide whether or not to get in touch with me, I would like to tell you a little bit about myself.

After having made a career in International Business Transformation and Organisational Change Management in the corporate world, I gained over twenty years of experience in developing people and teams. Through this work and my own lived experience with changes and adversity in life, I firmly believe that most of us at some point in life could benefit from professional help which is therapeutic in nature and after having made a career switch from the corporate to a global not-for-profit organisation supporting women who are childless not by choice, I decided to retrain in grief and loss counselling.

Since July 2022 I run Pure Transformations and I work as a self-employed grief and loss counsellor, a wellbeing coach and a change management consultant. I offer my support (online and in person) in both English and Dutch.

The name of my practice, Pure Transformations holds a special meaning for me;
Pure is linked to my name Karin, a name of Swedish origin, meaning “pure”. Transformations are a constant in our lives and change is inevitable. When we are faced with loss and heal from grief, we transform as human beings and we move from A to B, no matter how short or long that journey is.

"Transformation is an ongoing process that tends to appear ordinary, when, in fact, something extraordinary is taking place"

– Suzy Ross

I have developed my own way of working having trained originally in Grief and Loss Counselling, at the Dutch Post-Graduate Institute called Land van Rouw. I am also trained in systemic transition management and coaching. Central to my work are the concepts of truth and choice, and I help enable people to live the life they want to live, rather than the life they think they should live or have somehow ended up living.

When asked to describe me and how I work, others use words like honest, inspirational, insightful, caring, challenging and supportive. Grief and loss shows up everywhere in life and I work with a wide range of issues; involuntary childlessness, illness, bereavement and career or life stage issues (I am childless since 2012 as a consequence of Stage IIIB cervical cancer)

I am based in Overpelt, Belgium and I work with clients in person and online, in both Dutch and English. My clients are internationally based. I hope this has provided you with a feel for me and how I work. Please get in touch if you would like to book a free 20 minute introduction session..

Welcome to Pure Transformations, it’s nice to meet you…


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